Young people will need to produce more crops on less land, and have crops produce more products. Now day’s crops are pumped with fertilizer, pesticide and other toxins to help them grow faster, stronger and more efficient. This also adds chemicals to our foods and makes them more expensive to grow. In the future there will need to be something like a perennial plant that produces year round and comes back on its own every year. This will save money and create a larger harvest of foods. Droughts and floods are harmful to crops now. With an even bigger population relying on food to be produced it could be devastating to the human population. There will need to be ways to control the climate and help protect crops from pests while also being environmentally friendly. Which may be a big challenge with such a large population meaning more cars, houses and machines being bad for the environment. New innovative styles of living will need to be created to keep the world a safe and healthy place to live.


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