Issues facing young people

Generation Y  or the young people are going to face so many issues in the future, from paying for college to affording necessities and global warming.  They are supposed to be able to change the world and make a difference, but it’s not going to be that easy, there are many challenges they will face. I want to talk to you about the future of agriculture and how it will be a problem young people will face in the future. Agriculture is the largest industry in the world economically, and personally I believe it is the most important.

Agriculture is among one of the top industries in the world. It allows us to have the clothes we wear and food we eat, however agriculture isn’t just “cows and plows anymore.” It affects nearly every aspect of life. When you go to the store and buy any product it can usually be traced back to the agriculture industry. There’s aquaculture, agriculture communications and even organic farming. These are just a few to show how huge the industry is, and the impact it has on everyday life. Things such as agriculture communications allow for people to influence others about the importance of agriculture. Food Sciences and Food production are now majors at big universities. These are all things promoting the importance of agriculture to try to make for a better future. However in the future there will be a much larger population needing to be fed. This putting more pressure on agriculturalist, who will also have less  land because of the larger population. Food and supplies will need to be produced faster and more efficient with less land and resources. How will the young people do it?


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